This startup guide should provide you with enough information to start ROM developing!

SDK SetupEdit

SDK Setup: Here

Kitchen SetupEdit


All commands must be executed in the Cygwin shell.

  1. Download the "" from the link provided.
  2. Download the "" from the link provided.
  3. Download the latest dsixda kitchen from the link provided.
  4. Install the Java JDK (
  5. Install the custom Cygwin environment.
    1. Unzip
    2. Put the extracted folder, cygwin_packages, in C:\\
    3. Run setup.exe and select "Install from Local Directory" when prompted.
    4. For your root directory, use "C:\cygwin" (the default).
    5. For the Local Package Directory, use "C:\cygwin_packages".
    6. When the list of package names, go to the top and select "All <-> Default" so that it changes to "All <-> Install" (you must click on the arrows).
    7. Click next and wait for the installation to complete.
    8. Once the installation is complete, find the Cygwin shortcut in your start menu, and start it up!
  6. Set up the kitchen.
    1. Unpack the kitchen to "C:\\cygwin\home\<your-user-name>\android\kitchen\".
    2. Open a Cygwin shell (from the start menu).
    3. Execute the command "cd ~/android/kitchen" Note that the character is '~' and not '-'
    4. Execute "chmod 755 menu" in the Cygwin shell to make the menu executable.
    5. In the Cygwin shell, enter "./menu" or "bash menu"
  7. The kitchen is now ready! Follow the directions that it gives you, and you'll be releasing ROMs in no time!

Linux/Mac OS X:Edit

  1. Download the latest dsixda kitchen from the link provided.
  2. Unpack the kitchen to "~/android/kitchen/" or something similar.
  3. Execute "chmod 755 ~/android/kitchen/menu" in terminal to make the menu executable.
  4. Enter the command "cd ~/android/kitchen/"
  5. Once in the correct folder in command line, enter "./menu" or "bash menu"
  6. The kitchen is now ready! Follow the directions that it gives you, and you'll be releasing ROMs in no time!

Basic ROM ModificationEdit

Download a ROM you want to modify, and if you want to get rid of bloatware (Apps added by manufacturers/carriers) navigate to /system/app and look for the file names, back them up to a safe place, and then delete them. If the ROM is odexed (/system/app/ or /system/framework/ contains *.odex files) do not delete any apps, you must "deodex" the ROM first. In the kitchen, there is an option to deodex the ROM. This process can take a while. Once that is done you can go back and delete the apps you don't want. To edit the name of the ROM open the build.prop in /system/ and look for ro.romversion or ro.modversion and edit the name.

Here is where most of the stuff is changed:

Themes: /system/framework/framework-res.apk or /system/framework/services.jar

Start-Up Scripts: /system/etc/init.d/

Boot-Animations: in /data/local/ or in /system/media/

Start-Up tones; Notification tones: /system/media/audio/

LIbraries: /system/lib/

Kernels: boot.img and /system/lib/dhd.ko

In case you are about to theme the ROM read this because it is VERY important:

ROMs produced in this way may not be shared on any site, including Simply-Android, unless you have spoken directly to, and have permission from the original developer.

Blur ROM Modding TipsEdit

If you want add a option to skip motorblur just edit /system/etc/motorola/com.motorola.blur.setup/default.xml to look like this:

<map><boolean name='SetupLaterAvailable' value='true'/>
    <boolean name='ShowDataSaverInSetup' value='false'/>
    <boolean name='WifiPreference' value='true'/>
    <boolean name='ShowConnectionChooser' value='true'/>
    <boolean name='ShowSkipSetupMenu' value='true'/>
    <boolean name='loc_consent_unchecked' value='false'/>
    <boolean name='CloudPreference' value='false'/>

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